ORIGINAL – the traceless hair ring

invisibobble® has found its way into the hair of girls and guys for good reasons. Asking yourself WHY? No kink, hair caring, strong hold – the invisibobble® ORIGINAL’s unique spiral shape makes it possible! That’s why the invisibobble® hair tie is the perfect companion for every occasion!


Thanks to its smooth surface, the invisibobble® ORIGINAL hair tie doesn’t tangle with dry or wet hair. With invisibobble® as a non-soaking, hygienic water lover you’ll never be annoyed by wet hair ties again!


Color up! The revolutionary styling tool waves goodbye to it’s previous color range and presents the brand new invisibobble® ORIGINAL collection in six unique colors. Crystal Clear, True Black, and Pretzel Brown fit every outfit and occasion; To Be Or Nude To Be, Blush Hour and Mint To Be add the certain colorful something!


SPRUNCHIE - integrated spiral hair ring

Hidden underneath luxurious velvet fabric, the invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE contains a classic ORIGINAL, therefore providing the benefits that come with all the classic hair ring. Holding all strands of hair together thanks to its spiral shape, the SPRUNCHIE is easy to remove without compromising on comfort.


The invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE is the hair accessory for every occasion. It also looks great around the wrist.


The fabric hair tie is available in three colors, Purrfection, True Black and Prima Ballerina.