Edges Salon & Spa is proud to partner with BLAKE Restaurant & Distillery and Skin RNI, who have collaborated to develop a moisturizing hand sanitizer we will all need to be safe and comfortable in the new world we find ourselves in today. 


They devoted significant time and effort to make sure that the product meets high expectations of something we would be proud to provide to our customers. Ensuring a quality product that would deliver on our high quality standards was an imperative for this product. 


In order to protect ourselves, our staff and customers, the product has been designed to ensure the users health and safety, while avoiding the harsh chemical reactions and dryness people will suffer from the repeated use of harsh sanitizers and soaps now flooding the market. 


We are proud to offer a product for the community and we hope it will help you, your family, staff and customers remain irritation free while providing a safe, clean and sanitized environment for the foreseeable future ahead. 


There is a handy travel size spray bottle is ideal for purses, golf bags, desk drawers, and pockets. Always have your Glacier Clean nearby when you need it with this handy travel size spray bottle. When you are “out and about” enjoying life and unable to access soap and water, keep your hands germ-free with this portable water-less hand sanitizer. The aluminum bottle is an environmentally friendly alternative,  small enough for portability and ideal for refilling. This bottle displays beautifully on counter tops and invites everyone to sanitize their hands.


Keep your skin healthy and your hands germ free with Glacier Clean…..the hand sanitizer that respects skin health.


In order to provide for as many people as possible, we are only allowing a max of 5 bottles to be purchased per person. If you are requiring more, please contact lina@edgessalon.com to inquire about bulk or wholesale pricing. If product is out of stock, please check back as we are updating the site constantly, or call us at 403-375-0000 to see our in-store stock as it varies hourly. Shipping is currently not available online, but can be arranged if you email lina@edgessalon.com.


Further Details About Their Formulation:

• Glacier Clean is developed from WHO standards , supplemented with their additional ingredients to ensure the product delivers safety, effectiveness and quality 

• Glacier Clean is designed for repeated use: 

  • Aloe Vera has been added as an anti-inflammatory and Glycerin to hydrate the skin and  offset the harsh effects of alcohol
  • They have also added essential oils: Tea Tree oil for its anti-microbial and skin rejuvenating effect and Lavender to give the formulation a soothing and calming  scent
  • Also available in a fresh invigorating Eucalyptus & Spearmint formulation scent

• Glacier Clean comes as a spray formulation so you can use it to disinfect door handles, your phone and laptop and any other surfaces you come into frequent contact with in your daily life.  


Product is available for pick up at Edges Salon & Spa, or can be shipped for a fee determined after your order is processed, based on size and destination. We will contact you once order is ready for pick up!


Thank you for supporting local and staying safe!


  • Edges Salon & Spa does not represent or warrant that the face shield will prevent infection by viruses or microorganisms and assumes no liability if a user of these face shields contracts an infection in use. 

  • Due to popular demand and an overwhelming response, it may take up to 10 days to fulfil your order for pick up, keep an eye on your email! If you require shipping, please email lina@edgessalon.com to arrange as we currently do not have it set up online until we can keep up with demand. We appreciate your support & patience while we are #BringingBackSmiles!