At Edges we love what we do, we love our staff and we love our guests, and we are so excited to have restrictions lifted! We can't wait to see our guests' smiling faces! 

As announced by our provincial and municipal governments, all restrictions will be lifted for our industry as of July 5th. That means that masking will no longer be mandatory, walk-in services will resume, barriers will be removed, temperature checks and mandatory sanitization will not be required, and our capacity limit will be lifted. What will not change is our commitment to cleanliness and extra precautions we have taken to ensure all of our work areas are constantly sanitized for your safety. You can rest assured that our team will still be sanitizing their stations, tools, products and rooms before & after each guest. We also still ask that if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID, that you call and reschedule your appointment after you are feeling better. The same will still be required for all of our team members. In addition, we will also no longer be charging our COVID fee, and will resume with our Green Circle Fee.

If you still feel more comfortable wearing a mask, that is of course your choice. The same goes for our team members, however we will not be requiring anyone to wear a mask, unless required by Health Canada for the services our team always wore a mask for. If you would prefer your service provider to wear a mask, you will need to contact them directly to discuss. We will not be responsible for requiring anyone to wear a mask going forward. 

We would also like to remind all of our guests that asking about the vaccination status of our team will not be tolerated. As the health decisions made by individuals is a private matter, we request that this information be kept private unless someone wants to share on their own. We will not be discriminating against anyone regardless of their decision to get vaccinated or not. Our salon & spa is a place of rest and relaxation, and we feel this topic is not appropriate to discuss during your service. 


If you are unable to visit us in store, you can still purchase gift cards and home care products online. We will contact your after your order to arrange safe curb-side pick up! In addition, a variety of professional product can be ordered and shipped to your door from using our code CYYFTSHZ, which still supports us and your service provider.

We cannot wait to deliver the #EdgesExperience you know and love! 
We have persevered through the most difficult obstacle we've ever faced, but the light at the end of the tunnel is near! Please ensure you are following our social media pages (@edgessalon & Edges FB) for all updates.


We cannot thank you enough for your loyalty, understanding, and willingness to continue to support our local small business. We would not have been able to make it through without it!


Stay safe, stay positive and we look forward to seeing you soon!​


Mike & Lina Chammoury