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Edges Salon & Spa is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with a local Calgary manufacturer of PPE masks and other COVID-19 related personal protective products, Fusemaker Space. 

Shannon Hoover of Fusemaker Space (Owner and Visionary) has been involved in Calgary’s Innovation and Creativity Community for years as the Director of Canada Maker Foundation.

“I encourage creativity and innovation. We know that our city has a huge maker community.  Everything from robotics and electronics to making soap and wool from scratch. Having been personally involved with many designs of personal protection equipment; when the Pandemic hit, our team immediately began creating our proprietary designed PPE Masks. It’s our time to give back to the community” says Shannon.

Edges and Fusemaker Space have just released a brand new mouth shield made of a material called PETG, which is FDA-approved. PETG or PET-G, is a thermoplastic polyester that provides significant chemical resistance, durability, and excellent formability for manufacturing.

Our mouth shield is simple by its design but effective for its purpose. Combining clarity with durability, this protective mouth shield provides clear, unobstructed views and is bendable yet sturdy.

So why a Thermoplastic Polyester mouth shield over a homemade cotton mask? There are many pros and cons to any face coverings, and we ask you to read these articles to better educate yourself and your decisions.

What is a MDEL Certification ?

An MDEL (Medical Device Establishment License) is required only when a manufacturer is selling to Medical Professionals / Hospitals and other Medical Institutions. An MDEL is not required when PPE is sold to individuals or businesses and would increase the cost considerably.